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19682 Records.

Are you searching for an affordable Routing Numbers List for your business? 

There are many reasons for needing your own list, and extensive and regularly updated Federal Reserve ACH ABA Databases are valuable to those who take checks over the phone, internet, fax or even email on a regular basis or even occasionally.  However, the cost of obtaining this information can be expensive and prices do vary.

With that being said, continuously receiving bounced checks due to routing number errors can also be very expensive.  Particularly if you process a lot of them without the benefit of having a method of verifying and validating those ABA Numbers.

Having a an up to date and regularly managed list of US Bank  Rounting Numbers is beneficial because they provide the additional information such as Bank Name, Address, City, Zip and contact Phone number, all associated with that particular routing number.

Most of the larger banks may have dozens of routing / transit numbers assigned to them, and because of this, the routing numbers lists are always in a state of flux, due to numbers being retired or merged, and nearly impossible to keep up to when you have to focus on all the other aspects of your business.

There are thousands of businesses and individuals that can benefit from a properly maintained list, such as.....

  • Other Banks & Credit Unions
  • Payroll Departments
  • Accountants
  • Accounts Receivable Departments
  • Charitable Organizations
  • Landlords
  • Just about anyone that takes checks or Check Data remotely. provides a tool for locating a missing or erroneous check digits, or validating a rounting number through an online validation form. 

Also available is an option to download all 21,000+ ACH Routing Numbers and the associated Bank information.

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