MACU Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

MACU routing number is located in your checkbook. The Mountain America Credit Union (MACU) is one of the 12 largest credit unions in the United States. With over 740,000 members and over 90 branches across the nation, it is no wonder that those people will need to know the MACU routing number. Find the routing number of other banks in our Routing Numbers List.

Your MACU routing number is a nine-digit number that identifies the state where the account is opened. It changes based on the payment or transaction you make.
You can find the bank routing number for your checks, ACH transactions such as Direct Deposits, automatic payments in the account section or on the paper check.

macu routingnumber

Did you know that the MACU routing number or any routing number is like the account number of a bank? While it is publicly known, it does not threaten MACU or any financial institution of being hacked. It is just a representation of a bank or credit union.

In this regard, we will be giving you the MACU routing number. Along with that information, we will also provide some essential details that you might not know yet and could be of importance eventually.

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About MACU

Mountain America is a credit union insured with NCUA. Its establishment was in 1936; now, its headquarter is in  West Jordan, UT. MACU has a total of $7.09 billion in assets as of 2017.

Mountain America Credit Union Logos

MACU employs 1,686 full-time workers and holds loans and leases amounting to $6.13 billion. In addition, its members have $5.62 billion in shares with the credit union.

Wire transfer is the fastest way to move funds to and from your MACU account. You will need a routing number to do this.

What Is MACU Routing Number?

MACU uses only one routing number. That is very convenient for all its users as they will not have to scribble and browse for their specific routing numbers.

You see, most banks and credit unions use multiple routing numbers for every State or branch. That makes finding their specific routing number more complicated, especially if they ask the same bank account holder from a different bank branch.

How to Find your MACU RoutingNumber

While there are simple ways to learn or find out the specific routing number of an account, it is not always the case. Some, if not most people, tend to be forgetful. As a result, they forget their routing number. This situation gets even more usual for those that have multiple and different bank accounts.

After all, it is still a nine-digit set of numbers. Even a simple four-digit set of numbers are hard to remember for some people we know. What’s more, if it is a nine-digit set of numbers?

So yes, as mentioned, there are nine digits in a routing number. That includes the MACU routing number.

MACU Routing Number:


If you are one type of a forgetful fellow, it would be best to note the MACU routing number. It is just one set, so you will not have to worry about using the wrong MACU routing number.

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MACU RN on Your Check

Here is where the “simple way” of finding your MACU routing number gets curious. While this information is already known to many people, some do not know this trick.

The MACU routing number, just any routing number, is printed on checks. So, if you are curious to know, you may take out your MACU check right now.

On the MACU check page, look at the bottom-left corner. Find the nine-digit set that is located next to your account number. That is the MACU routing number.

macu routing number

Routing numbers are also called ABA routing numbers or transit routing numbers. So if you see these terminologies, they refer to the same thing.

How to Read the MACU RN?

The MACU routing number has nine digits. Each number represents something. But for the general term, the MACU routing number or any routing number is used to identify a bank and its location.

Yes, those numbers that you see that consist of the routing number can be interpreted. If you think that it would be a bit difficult, then you are thinking it wrong.

The MACU routing number is divided only into three parts. Therefore, the only important thing that you can read is the first two parts.

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Parts of the MACU RN

The first part is called the Federal Reserve Processing Symbol. That means the Federal Reserve uses those numbers to locate an institution. In this case, it is the MACU, which is a credit union and a financial institution.

Federal Reserve Code

The first two digits in the nine-digit routing number are the code of any of the 12 Federal Reserve Districts. These are Federal Reserve Banks located across the United States.

Regional Processing Center Code

The next third and fourth digits on the MACU routing number indicate the location of the regional processing center. The next four digits are the code given by the Federal Reserve Bank as the equivalent name of the bank or credit union.

digit code

Check Digit Codes

The last single digit on the routing number is the one they call “check digit.” Its only purpose is to validate the entire routing number as a whole. So you do not have to be concerned about it.

Those are pretty much all the things you need to know about the MACU routing number. If you need more information, here are some further explanations for clarification. Please continue reading the article.

12 Federal Reserve Districts

As a reference for the Federal Reserve Bank codes, these are the things you need to know to understand them. We hope that this will clarify some of your questions about the District codes.

01 Boston

  • Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County)
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont

02 New York

  • New York State
  • twelve counties in northern New Jersey
  • Puerto Rico
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Fairfield County in Connecticut.

03 The District of Philadelphia

  • Eastern Pennsylvania
  • southern New Jersey
  • all of Delaware

04 The District of Cleveland

  • Ohio
  • western Pennsylvania
  • eastern Kentucky
  • the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

05 Richmond

  • Maryland
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • most of West Virginia.

06 Atlanta

  • Alabama
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • parts of Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Tennessee

07 Chicago

  • Iowa
  • most of Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Michigan
  • Wisconsin

08 St. Louis

  • Arkansas
  • some parts of Missouri
  • a few more parts of Mississippi
  • portions of Tennessee
  • other portions of Kentucky
  • a little more in Indiana
  • some more in Illinois.

09 Minneapolis

  • Minnesota
  • Montana
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • twenty-six counties in northwestern Wisconsin
  • the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

10 Kansas City

  • Colorado
  • Kansas
  • Nebraska
  • Oklahoma
  • Wyoming
  • northern New Mexico
  • Western Missouri

11 Dallas District

  • Texas
  • Northern Louisiana
  • southern New Mexico

12 San Francisco District

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Hawaii
  • Idaho
  • Nevada
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • American Samoa
  • Guam
  • the Northern Mariana Islands

Now, you must be wondering why the MACU routing number starts with the number “32” digits. Well, this is the answer.

Types of MACU RN

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Given the twelve Districts mentioned above, you must be wondering why MACU uses a different set of codes. There is a proper explanation for that.

The Mountain America Credit Union is obviously a credit union. And credit unions use a plus 20 to the regular District code. So that means the MACU is using the “12” code or District.

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Other Codes in the MACU Routing Number

To give you a better understanding, here is the representation of District codes in which routing numbers start with:

  • When you see that the ABA or any routing number begins with “00”, then that means the United States Government uses the routing number.
  • If you see the routing number starting with “01” to “12”, you see the regular code for the 12 Federal Reserve Bank Districts. These are the 12 Districts where Federal Reserve Branches are located.
  • For routing numbers that start with “21” to “32” codes, you see the thrift institutions’ codes. Thrift institutions include credit unions and savings banks. So it just adds 20 to the regular 12 Districts of Federal Reserve Bank. Just like the example for the MACU routing number.
  • If you see a routing number that starts with the code”61” to “72”, you are using a routing number used for Electronic Transactions Identifiers. These routing numbers are for non-bank purposes and clearinghouses. It adds 60 to the designated code of the Federal Reserve Bank District.
  • For particular purposes, you should see the number “80” at the start of routing numbers. This indicates that the routing number is used for the traveler’s check.

MACU Routing Number Utah

If you are looking for the MACU routing number Utah, this is where you will find it. As mentioned earlier, the MACU routing number is using a single routing number for all their 90 branches.

If you are in Utah, your MACU routing number is still the same as every MACU account holder. Here is your MACU routing number for Utah.

MACU Routing Number Utah:

  • 324079555

Does MACU have a SWIFT Code?

If you are expecting money from abroad or sending funds internationally using your MACU account, then that is a problem. Unfortunately, the mountain America Credit Union does not deal with foreign currency.

Hence, MACU does not have a SWIFT code. Therefore, if you want to send or receive money from international waters or anywhere abroad, you will need to use a different means or financial entity.

Uses of Swift Code

You can use TransferWise or perhaps MoneyGram. There are also intermediary banks that could help in transferring money internationally.

If you need to receive money both locally and internationally, you need to gather certain information from the sender. Be careful with the information that you give, especially with the routing number. If you miss one digit, your money could end up elsewhere.

We suggest that you confirm the routing number and other information like the bank address with your branch or look at your paper check for this information.

MACU Wire Transfer

You can receive money in your MACU account and send out funds as well. Wire transfer could be within the US or international. A sender would initiate the transfer through a financial institution,  but you must send the necessary information to process the funds.

International Wire Transfer to MACU

You can receive funds from another country into your MACU account. The person or organization transferring funds to you needs a SWIFT code to do so. The receiving bank in the USA must arrange with the sending bank in another country to start the swift transfer.

Credit unions like MACU generally have no SWIFT code, so an intermediary bank is necessary for transferring the transfer. This bank will connect with the sending bank. Intermediary banks are often the big multinational banks since they have arrangements with many top banks globally.

Incoming International Wire Transfer Instructions

Even if MACU does not have a SWIFT code, you can still receive funds through intermediary banks. The sender’s financial institution will have a corresponding bank in the US. These corresponding banks will arrange the transfer and forward the fund to MACU through local transfer using a routing number. The following information would be necessary:

Beneficiary Information

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  • The name of your account exactly as it appears on your statement
  • Your complete bank account number, including leading zeros
  • Your complete address

Beneficiary Bank

  • Mountain America Credit Union (Bank Name)
  • 324079555 (Routing Number)
  • Mountain America Credit Union 7181 S Campus View, Dr. West Jordan, UT 84084 (Address)
  • 1800-748-4302 (phone number)

Intermediary Bank Information (Sender’s bank will provide this information)

  • Name of correspondent or intermediary bank
  • Swift of correspondent or intermediary bank
  • Address of correspondent bank

Fees: If the transfer involves the conversion of currency, it is likely that you will get a low exchange rate from the banks. There may also be hidden fees. For international transfer, try TransferWise for the best conversion rates and lower wire transfer fees.

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Domestic Wire Transfer to MACU

Processing local wire transfers through the Fedwire system or the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS) takes time. Wire transfers are real-time, unlike ACH transfers, which take two to four days for the money to reflect in your account. Hence, the receiver gets the money on the same day. Wire transfer is, therefore, more expensive than ACH transfer.

Instructions for Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer

Anyway, in the US may wire transfer funds into your MACU account. However, you must provide the sender with the details below. The sender will need this information in initiating a wire transfer.  

  • Mountain America Credit Union (Bank Name)
  • 324079555 (Routing Number)
  • Your name as it appears in your statement (Account Holder Name)
  • Your bank account number (Account Number)  
  • Mountain America Credit Union 7181 S Campus View, Dr. West Jordan, UT 84084 (Bank Address)*

*use this address regardless of your account location

Wire Transfer America Credit Union

Wire Transfer Fees for Mountain America Credit Union

Sadly, this isn’t free. Here are corresponding fees for a wire transfer to and from MACU:


  • Incoming: $10 per transaction + Intermediary Bank Fees
  • Outgoing: $40 per transaction + Intermediary Bank Fees


  • Incoming: $10 per transaction
  • Outgoing: $15 per transaction

Note: Intermediary banks may have separate charges for international wire transfers.  There may also be fees for currency conversion.

Sending Wire Transfer From MACU

You may also transfer funds internationally or domestically from your MACU account for free. You must fill out a Wire Transfer Request Form, which is available in any MACU branch. Follow the instruction on the form when filling out. Submit the completed and signed Wire Transfer form to any MACU branch. Keep the Wire Transfer Disclosure for records purposes. Make sure you process a request before the cut-off time.

Wire transfer cut-off time for both international and domestic wire transfers is 2 p.m. MT.

Note: The cut-off time is important, especially for international wire transfer, because of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. If you do not meet the cut-off time, the amount the next banking day’s exchange rate will be the basis for conversion.


If I use a different branch for banking purposes but my account was opened in another branch, which one is my routing number?

To simplify the banking process, the banks use the branch and location where your account was opened as the one which is your routing number.

Can I find out the routing number on my debit/credit card?

No. A routing number is only used for bank-to-bank transfers. Therefore it can not be found out using your debit or credit card. However, you can bookmark this page for easy accessibility so that you can find your routing number whenever you need it.

Is my Routing Number and Account Number the same?

Routing Numbers and Account Numbers are different. According to location, the routing number is the number used to identify a particular bank branch. Account Number is specific and unique to your account. Therefore, many people will have the same Routing Number, but no one will have the same Account Number as you. 


We hope that this has been of great help to you. We have tried to include all the information that we can find on the MACU routing number. Also, we gave you the ways in how to understand your MACU routing number.

We hope that this has been of great help to you. Feel free to let us know what you think about this article.

If you have some concerns or further questions about a topic that we have not failed to discuss properly, feel free to leave a message down in the comment section as well. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Rest assured that we monitor the comment section for every possible chance we got.

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