Santander Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

The Spanish Santander Group owns Santander, which was previously known as Sovereign Bank. Santander is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and its primary market is the people and businesses of the northeastern United States. Before we go into further details about the Santander Bank routing number, you might want to check out Routing Numbers List for more information about various banks.

If you’re a Santander client and are regularly doing transactions through them, you must have heard about the routing number. The bank routing number is the 9-digit number that is found at the bottom of your check. Different banks have different routing numbers because it is used to identify the institution associated with your bank like MACU Routing NumberChase Routing Number, and Citibank Routing Number.

You must have the routing number memorized because it is used to complete different financial institution transactions. This includes direct deposit payments, online bill payments, wire transfers, and setup of third-party, recurring withdrawals from your account.

Santander RTN

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Like the Capital One Routing Number and Bank of the West Routing Number, you can quickly locate your routing number at the bottom of your check. But in case you don’t have your checkbook with you, here are the routing numbers for Santander:

  • If your account number has eleven digits, the routing number is 011075150
  • If your account number has ten digits, the routing number is 231372691

If you haven’t memorized your bank account number, you may also determine the routing number depending on the US state in where you opened your account and when you opened it. We have listed the details below:

US State where the account was openedThe date that account was openedRouting number
CT, MA, NH, RIOn or before 17 May 2012011075150
CT, MA, NH, RIAfter 17 May 2012231372691
MD, NJ, NY, PA, DEAny date231372691

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Santander’s bank routing number?

Depending on the number of digits of your account number, Santander has two different bank routing numbers:
– If your account number has eleven digits, the bank routing number is 011075150
– If your account number has ten digits, the bank routing number is 231372691
For accounts opened in CT, MA, NH, and RI on or before 17 May 2012, the routing number is 011075150; then after 17 May 2012, it is changed to 231372691. For accounts opened in MD, NJ, NY, PA, and DE, the routing number is 231372691.

How to check the account routing number on Santander?

You can look it up at the bottom of your Santander check. The routing number is the nine-digit number, which will be found next to your account number.

Where to find bank routing number Santander?

The bank routing number is the 9-digit number found at the bottom of your check.

Is Swift code same as routing number?

Routing numbers are used for domestic transfers while SWIFT code is used for international transfer. Each of these nine-digit routing numbers comprises two different codes and a check digit.


Through acquisitions and mergers, certain banks obtain additional route numbers. It’s critical to know which routing number is associated with your account when banking with an organisation that has numerous routing numbers. To find it on check, look in the bottom-left corner of your check for the routing number. It’s just next to your account number.

Looking for the routing number for Santander is relatively easy as long as you have your checkbook with you. If you don’t have it with you, you can easily look for it on the Internet. We hope this guide has helped you out with the information that you’re looking for. You can post questions about Santander Bank, individual bank accounts, electronic funds transfers, international wire transfer, transfer ACH payment, check wire transfer, domestic ACH transfer, digit code, Location code, branch code or anything from the article in the comment box below. 

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