Union Bank Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

Union Bank Routing Number is important for most of your banking transactions. We have provided here all the routing numbers for every State where Union Bank branches are available. Let us start now and give you what you came here for. Union Bank routing numbers, like any other routing numbers, are just as crucial as your account number. Despite the fact that it is not addressed at you as a personal number, it is necessary for appropriate agencies to process your funds. For other US Banks, you can get the routing numbers from our complete Routing Numbers List!

union bank routing number

We have compiled all the Union Bank routing numbers that we can find from the official sites and some other institutions where it is available. You see, the official site only provides general information and mostly subscriptions to their services. That includes opening up an account with them.

If you have accounts other than from Union Bank, you might want to check out other routing number lists. We have NCSECU routing number, the Citizens routing number, the DCU transit routing number, and many other bank routing numbers lists.

So finding the specific Union bank’s routing number is quite confusing and not exactly user-friendly. That is why we decided to prepare the list of the routing numbers here so you won’t have to go anywhere else to get it.

Union Bank Routing Number California

For California residents with Union Bank account, this is your routing number. If you think that the routing number is the same for all branches, especially in different States, you thought wrong.

While there are not many Union bank branches in the United States, there are certainly a couple of routing numbers. Some are different, and some branches are the same as the other. To be specific, the Union Bank California routing number is the same routing number for ACH transactions. Here it is.

  • Union Bank Routing Number: 122000496
  • ACH Routing Number: 122000496

For those of you looking for the routing number for the San Diego California branch, it is the same with the routing number above. Since San Diego is a city of California, they are using the same routing number on Direct Deposits, Wire Transfer, and Electronic Transfer.

Meanwhile, if you have other bank accounts, see the respective list for Regions routing number, RBFCU routing number, American First routing number, and Keybank routing number.

Union Bank Routing Number VA (Virginia)

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Now, for Virginia Union Bank account holders, here is your routing number. Please note that this routing number is only for Direct Deposit and Wire Transfer.

For electronic money transfer, you will use a different routing number. So it would be best to take note of them on a piece of paper or your smartphone notepad.

  • Union Bank Routing Number: 051403164 and 122000496
  • ACH Routing Number: 122000496

Union Bank’s Routing Number by State

California 122000496
Georgia 122000496
Illinois 122000496
New York 026005050
Oregon 122000496, 123000068
Texas 111026041
Washington 122000496, 125000118
Controlled disbursement for all accounts 122241501

How to Find Your Union Bank Routing Number Offline

For those of you who do not know this another way to find the Union Bank routing number without using the internet, this part is for you. You will not even need to use your smartphone to do this.

Well, here is the trick. If you currently have your checkbook right now, or if you have a single cheque lying around near you, do this. Pick it up and look at the bottom left corner of that cheque.

routing number cheque

Look for the nine-digit set just right next to your account number. Typically, it is named ABA routing number or Transit routing number. That, my friend, is the exact routing number of your Union Bank account. Please do keep this in mind so when you next forgot your exact routing number you know where to find it.

What is a Routing Number?

The Union Bank routing number or any routing number is important just as much as your account number. While it is not directed to you as a person related number, it is of importance for relevant bodies to process your funds.

A routing number is a nine-digit number that tells of the bank’s location, branch, and other Federal Reserve constitution. So if you want your money or funds to get the process from one area to another, the routing number is the one that properly points out where it should be processed and delivered. For example, Suntrust routing number is used by Suntrust bank account holders while BECU routing number is used by BECU account holders.

Routing numbers are typically used for funds transfer, tax registration, and bills payment using your bank account. Routing numbers are not confidential, but they are still of importance. It is just not directly important to any account holder.


💡 If I use a different branch for banking purposes but my account was opened in another branch, which one is my routing number?

In order to simplify the banking process, the banks use the branch and location where your account was opened as the one which is your routing number.

💳 Can I find out the routing number on my debit/credit card?

No. A routing number is only used for the bank to bank transfers, therefore it can not be found out using your debit or credit card. However, you can bookmark this page for easy accessibility so that you can find your routing number whenever you need it.

Is my Routing Number and Account Number the same?

Routing Numbers and Account Numbers are different. Routing Number is the number that is used for the identification of a particular bank branch, according to location. Account Number is specific and unique to your account. A lot of people will have the same Routing Number but no one will have the same Account Number as you. 

In Conclusion

Concluding that both the routing number and your personal account number can be found on the bottom of your bank’s checks. In the United States, a routing number is a nine-digit code that identifies a financial organisation. Routing numbers are used by banks to direct the flow of money between them.

We hope that this has been an informative and helpful article for you. For now, these are all that you need to know about your Union Bank routing number. Make international wire transfer, domestic ACH transfer , check wire transfer, domestic wire transfer, electronic funds transfers, transfer ACH payment and make international transfers,

If you have any suggestions , you may use the comment section below for that purpose. Do you have questions regarding bank statement, individual bank accounts, international bank, Union Bank Access Account, Union Bank Online Banking? The comment box is yours.

If you think we missed out on some details, feel free to tell us as well. We strive to provide more information that can be helpful for our readers.

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