Bank of America Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

The American Bankers Association has been managing the bank Routing numbers since 1910. The routing numbers are used for sending money online & even for ACH payments. Only a few eligible institutions which are federally chartered & have an account with Federal Reserve – are issued the routing numbers.

Bank of America Routing Number, how can you find it fast? Do you have a hard time finding the routing numbers list for Bank of America? If so, you have come to the right place. Bank routing numbers are used for online payments, direct deposits, or wire transfer money. And yes, we have a good list of Bank of America Routing Numbers right here.


We will try to provide as many bank routing numbers as we can find. All you have to do is read this article and scroll down to find the specific routing number you need.

Bank of America Routing Numbers

Bank of America has specific routing numbers for each location. Check the following list for your state and the routing number for Bank of America associated with it.

Alabama51000017Missouri, East081000032/ 101000035
Alaska51000018Missouri, West81000033
Colorado123103716New Hampshire11400495
Connecticut11900254New Jersey21200339
Delaware31202084New Mexico107000327
District of Columbia54001204New York21000322
Florida063100277/ 063000047North Carolina53000196
Florida, West63100277North Dakota51000017
Illinois, Chicago Metro081904808/ 0071103619Pennsylvania31202084
Illinois, North71000505Rhode Island11500010
Indiana71214579South Dakota51000017
Kansas101100045Texas111000025/ 113000023
Kentucky51000017Texas, North111000025
Michigan72000805West Virginia51000017

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How to Find Bank of America Routing Numbers

Finding the Bank of America Routing Number is easy, but it is not always the case for new account holders. In the next paragraph, you will learn how to find the Bank of America Routing Numbers and other ways.

Where To Find It?

Let’s make things a bit easier for you. If you want to know the routing number of Bank of America, you can first look at your checkbook. It should be on the bottom left side corner next to your account number.

bank of america checkbook for routing number search

Your routing number has nine digits number code of the United States bank location where you opened your account. If you do not have a checkbook, perhaps the next paragraph should help.

You can find routing numbers for other banks like Huntington routing numberUnion Bank routing numberWells Fargo routing numberRBFCU routing number, and the US Bank routing number.

Contact the Bank

Another way is to contact or visit the Bank so the teller can immediately assist you. If you have the contact number and can call them, you may do so right now. It should save you the trouble of reading furthermore.

However, if you have accounts from other banks, you may check out the complete list of America First routing number, the KeyBank routing numberBank of the West routing number, and Navy Federal routing number,

Meanwhile, details about the Alaska USA routing numberArvest routing numberAssociated Bank routing numberGolden 1 routing numberFirst Bank routing number, and MT Bank routing number are also available for your reference.

Wire Transfer and Electronic Transactions

As you can see, the Bank of America routing number for wire transfer is the same in all United States locations, 026009593. However, for paper and electronic transactions, it always differs.

If the first set does not work for you, here is the rest of the routing numbers list for other states. We hope this will suffice.

Alabama 051000017 051000017
Alaska 051000017 051000017
Arizona 122101706 122101706
Arkansas 082000073 082000073
California 121000358 121000358
Colorado 123103716 123103716
Connecticut 011900571 011900254
Delaware 031202084 031202084
Florida, East 063000047 063100277
Florida, West 063100277 063100277
Georgia 061000052 61000052
Hawaii 051000017 051000017
Idaho 123103716 123103716
Illinois – South 081904808 081904808
Illinois – North 071000505 071000505
Illinois – Chicago Metro 071103619 081904808
Indiana 071214579 071214579
Indiana (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017
Indiana (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808
Iowa 073000176 073000176
Kansas 101100045 101100045
Kentucky 051000017 051000017
Louisiana 051000017 051000017
Maine 011200365 011200365
Maryland 052001633 052001633
Massachusetts 011000138 011000138
Michigan 072000805 072000805
Michigan (Opened before 8/23/2008) 051000017 051000017
Michigan (Opened after 8/23/2008) 081904808 081904808
Minnesota 071214579 071214579
Mississippi 051000017 051000017
Missouri East/St. Louis 081000032 081000032
Missouri West/Kansas City 101000035 081000032
Montana 051000017 051000017
Nebraska 051000017 051000017
Nevada 122400724 122400724
New Hampshire 011400495 011400495
New Jersey 021200339 021200339
New Mexico 107000327 107000327
New York 021000322 021000322
North Carolina 053000196 053000196
North Dakota 051000017 051000017
Ohio 051000017 051000017
Oklahoma 051000017 051000017
Oregon 051000017 051000017
Pennsylvania 031202084 031202084
Rhode Island 011500010 011500010
South Carolina 053904483 053904483
South Dakota 051000017 051000017
Tennessee 064000020 064000020
Texas, North 111000025 111000025
Texas, South 113000023 111000025
Utah 051000017 051000017
Vermont 051000017 051000017
Virginia 051000017 051000017
Washington 125000024 125000024
Washington DC 054001204 054001204
West Virginia 051000017 051000017
Wisconsin 051000017 051000017
Wyoming 051000017 051000017

Few Words about Routing Numbers

  • Bank routing numbers are required when an online payment takes place. It is also used in wire transfer and direct deposits.
  • One single bank can have multiple routing numbers. State-wise bank routing numbers vary.
  • For a direct transfer routing number is required. If the sender’s bank and receiver’s bank is same then there is no need to share the routing number. Only account number and the name of the account holder will be required.
  • But if the sender’s account is in other bank then the routing number of the receiver is required.


What is a routing number?

Your routing number has nine digits number code of the United States bank location where you opened your account.

Is SWIFT code the same as the routing number?

The biggest difference between a routing number and a swift cost is that routing numbers are used for domestic wire transfer, whereas SWIFT codes are for international wire transfer. 

Is there a difference between the ABA number and routing number?

An ABA routing number (also known as routing number or routing transfer number) is a nine-digit number used by local or international banks to determine specific financial institutions within the United States when making a transaction.

What is the difference between a wire routing number and an ACH routing number?

An ABA routing number is used for paper or check transfers. An ACH routing number is for electronic wire transfers or through online banking. Still, the ABA routing numbers and ACH routing numbers may be the same in some institutions, while they can also be different. 


If you’re a Bank of America client, but your location is not on the list, and you want to confirm the routing numbers, I suggest checking and visiting the nearest Bank of America branch. Keeping your Bank of America routing number or check handy guarantees you fast, secure, and cheap cross-border payments.  

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