TD Bank Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

A routing number is also called an RTN. It is a 9-digit number that is useful in everyday transactions. One needs a routing number to set up the routing number for direct deposits, automatic bill payments, etc. The TD routing numbers are based on the location where the account is opened.

Like other routing numbers, TD Bank Routing Number is a nine-digit code given to every account holder in the United States of America. These digits are at the bottom left of a check, enclosed by symbols. A routing number identifies the location of a bank. The routing number of other banks can be found on our complete Routing Numbers List.

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If you want to find out the TD Bank routing number of other banks like Associated BankAlly BankFirst BankFidelityM&TZions, check out There you will find all the routing numbers that you need.

What Are Routing Numbers?

Routing numbers are different for every bank, and bank accounts have different routing numbers depending on the task intended for an account. Two banks cannot have similar routing numbers, but a bank can have more than one. Banks have a limit of five routing numbers, but they can still apply for more. So if you have two accounts in a bank, both versions share a routing number but different account numbers.

About TD Bank

Toronto Dominion Bank, or “TD Bank,” is one of the best banks in the United States, offering higher interest rates than most consumer banks. Its account fees are either waivable or nonexistent. FDIC ensures TD Bank, which means you can relax because your money is safe to the lawful maximum. TD Bank has branches in different states hence different routing numbers. A routing number shows where you opened your account and not your current residence.

Finding Your TD Bank’s RN

You may want to find your TD Bank routing number in several ways, so here are some ways for you to find out your routing number:

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  • Call the bank’s customer care, give personal details to your account. This action will help with identifying if you are the rightful owner. If the details you provide would correspond with what appears in your account, you will be assisted.
  • You can visit the bank and inquire.
  • If you are using TD Bank online app, log in to open your account and get all your details.
  • You can find your TD Bank RN on a check or statement.

Routing numbers play a big part in financial transactions. All your online bank transactions need your accounts routing number to go through. Always keep your routing account number handy. It is your bank’s ID. A TB Bank Routing Number is necessary for wire transfers, automatic bill payments, and direct deposits. Large banks can have over five routing numbers or more if merged or taken over by other branches. No bank shares the same routing number with another.

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Where Can You Find the Routing Number?

  1. You will find the TD Bank routing number at the bottom of a check on the left side. The numbers on the extreme left make up your routing number. Next to a bunch of numbers is your account number. Some banks place it in the middle of the check though rare.
  2. You can check online. 
  3. Contact the bank’s customer service and ask.
  4. Your bank statements have your routing number.
  5. Search the internet using your bank name and location
routing number cheque

The internet has so many websites that have this information. The only thing required from you by them is to agree to their terms and conditions. Hit “I agree,” and you can find all the information about routing there. American bankers introduced TD Bank routing numbers, and its primary purpose is to identify a financial institution that uses checks or any payment instrument. Routing numbers also help banks to coordinate transactions with each other.

All nine digits are known as a routing number, but there are three parts of it. The first four are Federal Reserve Symbol, the following four are ABA institution identity, and the ninth digit is the check’s digit. Changes in a bank can affect routing numbers, but you are informed early enough to make the changes. Before setting up any payment, always confirm your routing number.

Online Banking with TD Bank

  • Manage your money anywhere, anytime. By downloading the TD Bank app, you can do all transactions from anywhere anytime by a simple touch.
  • Deposit checks from your phone. To deposit a check to your account, take a picture of the check, post it on the mobile app using your phone and access your money the following day.
  • Transfer and send money. Move funds between your accounts or schedule payments. You can also use Zelle to send money quickly and easily to friends.

TD Bank has the latest technology that ensures your transactions are secure. It is a one-time touch ID(single security code). Once logged in, decide which TD bank will send your security code either by text or voice message.

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TD Bank Mobile Banking App

If you have already downloaded the app, log in to access your account. All your details are there, including your TD Bank routing numbers. If you don’t have an account, download the app, create a username and password, then log in. Check your account balance, receive or send money, pay your bills here, or view your statements online. TD Bank routing number keeps all accounts organized and ensures that all money goes to the intended financial institution.

TD Bank’s Wire Transfer Numbers

Every state in the US has a bank routing number. TD Bank has branches in most of these states. The customers’ routing numbers identify where they opened an account but not their current residence. TD bank routing numbers for international wire transfers include a SWIFT code to identify the originating and beneficiary banks. SWIFT codes have 8-11 digits and letters.

  • omestic Wire transfer use 31101266
  • International Wire transfer use 31101266

Basics of Bank Routing Number for TD

  • All routing numbers have nine digits. The first two identify which of the twelve Federal Reserve regions the bank is. The next four indicate the ABA institution. The last figure is a check digit that verifies the routing number.
  • Each bank has at least one ABA number. 
  • All banks and financial institutions have a guarantee to have five numbers but can apply for more if need be.
  • If you are unsure about your routing number, call TD customer care or login to the mobile app to confirm. 
  • Check the bottom of your check on the left

The routing number in Florida is 067014822; if you are unsure where you opened your account, call TD customer care. Check if the money goes to the intended recipient. In the US, routing numbers are the identification used by banks and financial institutions.

For domestic wire transfer from New Jersey (NJ), you will only use the TD Bank RN. This changes if you are making an international wire transfer as you will require the SIFT code below.

  • For a domestic wire transfer- 067014822
  • International wire transfer- 067014822
  • You will require a SWIFT code for an international Wire transfer- NRTHU33XXX

TD routing number for New Jersey is 031201360. Note that each state has a different routing number, but all are useful in identifying the bank location. A local wire transfer only requires NJ’s routing number. An international wire transfer requires a SWIFT code.

  • Local wire transfer-031201360
  • International wire transfer-031201360
  • Include the SWIFT code-NRTHU33XXX

Find TD Bank’s RN Online

To operate a TD Bank online account, you need to first download the TD Bank to your mobile device. Here are some ways to do it:

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  • Search online depending on the state you opened your account
  • Use the TD online banking app. Log in using the one-time ID security code and get your routing number.
    • Login to your account
    • Select “message center” on the left side of the page
    • Select “send a secure message” type in you want to know your account routing number
  • On a check or statement. Best place to quickly check your TD routing number on a check. All TD Bank statements have your routing number.
  • Call TD customer care on 888-751-9000. You will be asked to provide personal details to verify that it is you. The details you give must be exact to the ones in your account.

The correct TB Bank Routing Number ensures that money send goes to the right recipient. Routing numbers are helpful in wire transfers between international accounts. Such numbers assure you of sending money with more security than a traditional ACH transfer. Money transfer between people (Person to Person) is not the same as a wire transfer. Still, you can send money to any account in or out of TD Bank in the United States or Canada without visiting the bank physically.

Why Do You Need a Routing Number?

If you are wondering, the following are only some of the many reasons why you need a routing number:

  • ACH payments
  • Setting up direct payments to your employees.
  • Receive benefits from the government, tax refunds, and pension payments
  • To transfer money between different banks and financial firms or investment firms.
  • TD Banks have branches in different states have a different routing number for each state.

Wire transfer in TD Bank

If you want to wire transfer, you need the following to make a successful domestic transaction. Please see the following checklist.

  • Make sure you have the name of the account holder exactly as it appears in their account
  • Name and address of the recipient’s bank
  • Recipients account number

International Wire Transfer

It would help if you had your bank and your recipient’s Bank SWIFT code, the international routing number for banks. They help direct your money to the right bank. From your TD Bank account, the information you use depends on the currency you are wiring. Below is information if you use a US dollar transaction vs. a foreign currency. SWIFT is the easiest and fastest way to receive or send money across banks.

Some banks only accept a swift code to send a wire. To send an international wire, you need the following:

  • Name of the recipient as it is on their accounts
  • Address of the recipient, including city, state, and country
  • Name and address of the recipient’s bank
  • The recipient’s account number/IBAN
  • Amount to be wired and the currency.

When making a local money transfer, use the ABA routing number for your TD Bank branch’s state or region. The TD Bank RN is 031101266, mainly used for domestic wire transfers. If you make an international wire transfer in US dollars, use 031101266 and the SWIFT code NRTHUS33XXX. In the United States, banks don’t use IBANs.

Credit unions like RBFCU Routing NumberUCCU Routing Number, BECU Routing Number would usually need a third party bank like Chase Routing NumberWells Fargo Routing Number, and Citibank Routing Number international wire transfers. These are often the bigger banks that operate internationally.

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International wire transfers in foreign currency from TD Bank

Keeping your TD Bank RN handy will be advantageous to you as you will manage your finances properly. It takes 3-5 business days for the money to be wired and received, depending on the currency and the intermediary banks used for the transfer. Find these swift codes below:

  • SWIFT code TDOMCATTTOR as the correspondent bank
  • SWIFT code NRTHUS33XXX as the beneficiary bank. 


What is TD Bank’s routing number?

The routing number for TD Bank in Florida is 067014822; for New Jersey, it is 031201360.

How to find the routing number TD Bank?

You will find the TD Bank routing number at the bottom of a check on the left side. The numbers on the extreme left make up your routing number. Next to a bunch of numbers is your account number. Some banks place it in the middle of the check though rare.

How to find routing numbers without a check from TD Bank?

If you do not have a check with you, you can contact the bank’s customer service and ask, look at your bank statements for your routing number, or search the internet using your bank name and location to find your TD Bank routing number.


TD Bank is one of the best consumer banks in the United States. FDIC ensures this bank, and there is no need to worry about the security of your money. Know your routing number and keep it handy for you to make proper transfers.

If you are not sure about your routing number, first confirm to ensure your money goes to the intended recipient. You can call, check online, or confirm your check or Bank statements.

If you want, you can share with us your concerns, or if you want to share your experiences, either way, the comments section is open!

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