PNC Routing Routing Number – United States (How to Guide)

PNC Routing Routing Number is essential for PNC account holders. This is usually located in your checkbook, but the routing numbers will differ depending on your account’s branch. Don’t worry; you don’t need to go anywhere else. We have listed all the PNC routing numbers here for your perusal. You can also find the routing numbers of other banks such as Arvest routing number, Golden 1 Bank routing number, and TCF routing number in our routing numbers list.

Routing numbers consist of 8 to 11 digits used by the financial institutions for identifying the account’s location. Routing numbers are required for ACH, wire transfer, & direct payments. You can find the routing number at the bottom of your paper check or in your account details.

pnc routing number

Now, if you wonder why some agencies are asking for your routing number, here’s what you need to know. A routing number is used to identify the bank’s geographical location and branch. It is mainly used to locate where your account component is to process it properly.

How To Find Routing Number

Before we go straight to our list of PNC routing numbers, we have a simple trick to tell you. This trick should be much better and give you the exact result you are looking for.

You see, the PNC routing number is found on checkbooks. Every page of a checkbook has the exact routing number of the bank to which you opened your account. That means if you have your checkbook right now, you can see it just by flipping any page of it.

find pnc routing number on check

For you to find it, here is what you will do. On one of the pages of your checkbook, look at the lower-left corner. You can see the ABA routing number or Transit routing number; that is your PNC routing number. The same goes for other bank checks. It should be next to your account number.

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What is the Routing Number for PNC Bank?

Asking for the exact routing number is not as easy as 1-2-3. You have to understand that routing numbers differ from one state to another. If you could notice the title of this article, we mentioned the PNC routing numbers by state. That means you have to specify your condition or where you opened your PNC bank account.

So there is no single routing number for all PNC branches in the United States. There may be some similar ones, but that is not always the case. Most of the time, one routing number is different from the other. So without further ado, let’s take you to our list of PNC routing numbers. Like Alaska USA routing numbers, Fidelity routing number, and Schwab routing numbers, Check out below.

PNC Michigan

If you are looking for routing number PNC branches in Michigan, we have exactly what you are looking for. This routing number can be used on all money transfer transactions such as wire transfer, ACH or e-transfer, and Direct Deposit. The routing number for PNC Michigan is 041000124.

PNC Ohio

For those of you located in Ohio, there are a couple of variations to your routing numbers. That is the reason why there is more than one routing number.

  • Routing numbers for PNC Ohio: 042000398 and 041000124.
  • Routing number for PNC Ohio – Youngstown: 043000096

PNC Illinois

If your PNC account is opened in Illinois, you need this routing number. This is valid on Direct Deposit, wire transfer, and e-transfer. The routing number for PNC Illinois is 071921891.

PNC New Jersey

The routing number for PNC NJ or New Jersey is here. Please write this one down, so you don’t forget it. This routing number is accepted in Direct Deposit transactions and both wire and ACH transfers. The routing number for PNC New Jersey is 031207607.

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PNC Pennsylvania

The routing number for PNC Pennsylvania has multiple variations. So you will need to identify them strictly based on your location.

  • Pennsylvania – Central North: 043000096
  • Pennsylvania – Central South: 031312738
  • Pennsylvania – Northeast: 031300012
  • Pennsylvania – Northwest: 043300738
  • Pennsylvania – Philadelphia: 031000053
  • Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh: 043000096

These numbers are valid for use on ACH, wire transfers, and Direct deposits. Thus, if you intend to receive money or send one to any PNC account, bookmark this article!

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List of PNC Routing Number by State

STATE Routing #
Washington DC054000030
Georgia053100850/ 061192630
Illinois 071921891
Indiana 043000096
Kentucky 083000108
Maryland 054000030
Michigan 041000124
Missouri 071921891
New Jersey 031207607
New York 143000096
North Carolina 043000096
Ohio 042000398/ 041000124
Ohio – Youngstown 043000096
Pennsylvania – Central North 043000096
Pennsylvania – Central South 031312738
Pennsylvania – Northeast 031300012
Pennsylvania – Northwest 043300738
Pennsylvania – Philadelphia 031000053
Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh 043000096
South Carolina 53100850
Virginia 054000030
West Virginia 271971560
Wisconsin 071921891


If I use a different branch for banking purposes but my account was opened in another unit, which one is my routing number?

To simplify the banking process, the banks use the branch and location where your account was opened as the one which is your routing number.

Can I find out the routing number on my debit/credit card?

No. A routing number is only used for bank-to-bank transfers. Therefore it can not be found out using your debit or credit card. However, you can bookmark this page for easy accessibility so that you can find your routing number whenever you need it.

Is my Routing Number and Account Number the same?

Routing Numbers and Account Numbers are different. According to location, the routing number is the number used to identify a particular bank branch. Account Number is specific and unique to your account. Therefore, many people will have the same Routing Number, but no one will have the same Account Number as you. 


We hope that you found your exact routing number from this list. If, in any case, you forgot, you can always check the routing number on your PNC checkbook, as we have mentioned earlier.

For questions and suggestions, the comment section is yours after reading this page. We will try to answer all of you as much as we can.

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